Praise and Worship Team



Praise Team

Webster's defines "worship" as "to pay divine honors to" and "to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission."
This is exaclty what we seek to do every time we gather as a church at Cave City Christian: to focus on Jesus with the most extravagant love possible and to humble and submit ourselves to Him.  One way we worship as a family is through music and songs led by our praise and worship team.  These talented people give their time and efforts every Sunday and their hard work is appreciated!

We utilize a "blended" worship format.  This simply means we honor God with the latest contemporary praise and worship songs and the traditional hymns.

Worship, though,  is more than singing.  It is more than music.  It is our acknowledging God with our lives.  Anything you do, if done for His glory, is worship.  The method is far less important than the recipient.